Fair Food Screening 21st October

Here is an article I wrote in February this year after I watched the Fair Food documentary for the first time. During Fair Food Week this October The Food Coop Shop & Cafe will be doing another screening of the documentary and I will be on the discussion panel afterwards – it would be great to see you there!

What did you eat for lunch today? What ingredients did it compose of? Do you know where those ingredients came from? Who produced them? How were they treated or processed? How and where were they grown?

Can’t answer all these questions? Most people couldn’t either. However there is an incredible community trying to reconnect us with where our food comes from, how it is grown and processed and the impact this has on our health and that of the environment.   I was lucky enough to hear from a large number of these inspiring individuals last Wednesday night at the screening of  Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’s (AFSA) first feature length documentary ‘Fair Food’.

The documentary was a real eye opener for me, who previously knew very little about the farming and production side of the Australian Food Industry. I came away from the night with a wealth of new knowledge; a passion to increase my shopping at Fresh Food Markets; inspiration to continue nurturing my home vegie patch and a very long list of innovative organisations and individuals to follow up with and learn from.

I would like to share with you four of the main points I took away from the evening:

Understanding the origin of our food has many benefits:

  • Encourages individuals to purchase fresh food from Farmer’s Markets which directly supports local farmers rather than large cooporations that hold a monopoly over the industry.
  • Helps people make informed choices about the food they are consuming and the impact it has on their health
  • Inspires people to grow their own produce
  • Increases respect for land and an awareness of environmental impact

As I slowly learn more, I will endevour to share my newly gained knowledge with you, the Canberra community,  and connect you with the inspirational people I  am learning from. In the meantime check out the following websites:
Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

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