Moments and Memories

My dress style hasn't changed much in 20 years – bows, blue and white polka dots, homemade beaded necklaces, denim and brown boots …

After doing a winter clean out I realised why I have such an obsession looking over old memorabilia. I have a terrible long term episodic memory. It's something that used to upset me because I would forget things I'd done, places I'd been and things I had experienced. When studying psychology and neuroscience in undergraduate uni it eased my mind to learn the cellular basis of memory storage and recall. It baffled me that an electrical current in the brain can not only create the ability to think, but also store information for various lengths of time. The brain uses a filter system to stop from becoming 'overwhelmed' with information. The three main categories are sensory memory, short term, and long term. Repeated exposure to a stimulus increases the chance of it being stored as a long term memory. The brain however is constantly learning new things, making new memories and rewiring. So memories can indeed be lost, but often not forever.

I realised that like most things you can, to a point, have an element of control. You can help yourself remember the events, skills or knowledge that are important to you. And the memories that are lost, well it's a just the human biology … we aren't programmed to be able to remember everything. If we could, it would likely be at the expense of another brain function

Photos are just one thing I do in my life to help myself look back and recall the memories of how I got to where I am today.

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