How to Become a Food Volunteer in the ACT

I often get asked this question so thought I would put together a bit of a list of ways to get involved. Please contact me or reply below if you are aware of more volunteering opportunities that you would like to add to this list. 

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My first tip before you launch into any volunteering is to ask yourself a few questions. What are your values and morals? What are the most important aspects of the world around you that you want to make a difference in? What fills you with joy? What are your motivations to volunteer? What are you looking to get out of it?

If you dive straight into any volunteering gig without establishing this first you will find yourself feeling very overwhelmed with all the ways you could possibly make a difference in the world. The last thing you want to do is smoulder the little candle of passion and drive that is burning in side of you just because you have taken on a challenge too broad and elaborate for you to conquer all at once. As my mother always reminds me – “How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time” ….. Poor Elephant


If you are confident that an aspect of food is where you would like to volunteer than I would like to draw your attention towards the four main facets I categorise food into. Which of these causes or the organisations sparks your little flame the brightest? Note: although I seperate these groups they are not black and white – they are interdependent and many organisations cover multiple facets.






Next I would like you to think about what your skill set is. What skills do you currently have? This is important to think about and identify what you could bring to the table. This is important for three reasons:

  1. If you have identified a cause or organisation above that you would like to get involved with and they have volunteering opportunities available in an area you have knowledge in it is good to identify that in your head when you first go and start in that role so you can be confident in yourself and your own abilities. (I cannot stress this enough – volunteering or not it is so important)
  2. Do not be afraid to talk to individuals or organisations about creating positions that previously didn’t exist based off your knowledge and skills. (I personally did this with Diabetes ACT – I noticed they didn’t have a social media presence at first so I created a role for myself as their first social media manager)
  3. Think back to my first step and those key questions. Identifying your skill sets and comparing them to your answers in the first step can help you identify whether you are seeking volunteering opportunities that fit your current knowledge or rather something you can learn from and expand your capabilities.It is great to have a think about all this before you dive in however I want you to know that along your journey you will identify things you didn’t know interested you, skills you were unaware of and gain knowledge you never knew you needed.Have some fun, explore and of course tell me how it all goes!


And if you are on this page because you would like to volunteer with me directly then don’t be afraid to get in touch via ( so we can meet discuss the opportunities further!

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